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9-Minute Video Presentation on Leak Detection Using Smart Cameras

How We Help Producers Achieve Autonomous HSE and Operations

This is the short version of a presentation I gave to several producers who wanted to know more about our autonomous leak detection solution.  I also show the our AI machine model roadmap, so you can get a preview of other solutions we have in the works.

Webinar Replays

How to Automate Regulatory Compliance

Mark Fishburn (FLIR) and Mark Smith ( Show Case Studies of How to Automate Regulatory Compliance and Eliminate 97% of Your LDAR Truck Rolls by Harnessing the Power of AI

Video Podcast

Digital Roughnecks Video Podcast

Digital Roughnecks is the podcast for oil & gas professionals who use technology to achieve autonomous operations. In particular, we focus on the impact that AI (artificial intelligence) on oil & gas operations.
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