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The Impact of ESG on Operators

Inside this episode

How Triple Crown Energy Increased Market Value by Decarbonizing.

In this episode, I interview Ryan Keys, President of Triple Crown Energy, a medium-sized EMP in the Permian Basin.  
Ryan talks about Triple Crown’s ESG (environment, social governance) journey and discusses:

  • Why Triple Crown goes after a 0.2% methane intensity goal.
  • What Triple Crown achieved a 90% reduction in emissions.
  • How hitting their methane intensity goal increased market value.
  • What revenue premiums & carbon credits are available to producers.
  • How quickly the industry is moving toward “decarbonizing”

This episode is a “preview” to the live case study that Ryan and his Triple Crown team are going to provide to registered attendees of the ESG for Energy online conference on March 17, 2022.

You can register for free here:

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Ryan Keys

President of Triple Crown Resources

Ryan Keys is President and Co-Founder of Triple Crown Resources.

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