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How the SCOTUS EPA Decision Impacts Energy Producers

Inside this episode

Digital Roughnecks host, Mark Smith, interviews Brian Kromer & MaryBeth Clifford from Step2Compliance about the impact of the Supreme Court EPA decision, that seeks to limit the EPA's authority to regulate emissions outside of legislative oversight.

Step2Compliance tracks and handles compliance for 1,300+ regulations that impact oil & gas operators, so they are experts on regulations.

In this episode, we discuss the potential impact on energy producers

  • The impact on the upcoming EPA OOOOb/c regulations
  • The impact & changes coming to EPA Subpart W
  • The probability of removing or adding any oil & gas regulations

Links in Episode

Brian Kromer | MaryBeth Clifford


At Step2Compliance we monitor 130 different regulatory agencies and over 1200 different existing and proposed rules. Our industry professionals come alongside oil and gas companies to help manage their air compliance requirements through proven experience and cloud-based software tools. Our core product, s2c Mobile, is an asset compliance management platform that speeds your ability to understand the complex EPA and State Emissions Rules and how they apply to your business. Air rules are complex – You have questions. We have answers.

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