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New Methane Intensity Standard Could Be a Game Changer

Inside this episode

In this episode, Thomas Fox, the founder of Highwood Emissions Management, describes a brand new methane intensity calculation standard called Veritas.  

The proposed standard, called “Veritas: a GTI (Gas Technology Institute) Gas Measurement & Verification Initiative” was co-developed by natural gas producers, non-profits, and academics to replace the current formula-based calculations with actual calculations of methane intensity.

The goal of Veritas is to have their methane intensity methodology adopted by various voluntary & regulatory groups including RSG standards. EPA, and other regulators.

In this episode, Thomas details:

  • What problems the new methane intensity measurement methodology aims to fix.
  • The benefits of adopting this new methodology vs. the current methane intensity formulas from NGSI & others.
  • The organizations behind the proposed standard.
  • How the standard fits into the oil & gas ecosystem.
  • The approximate adoption timeline of the new standard.

If adopted, this proposed methane intensity methodology will impact every oil & gas producer.

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Thomas Fox

President @ Highwood Emissions Management

Thomas Fox is the President at Highwood Emissions Management. Highwood Emissions works with industry, government, and innovators around the world, leveraging data and knowledge to optimize GHG emissions management. Currently, Highwood’s work focuses on reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. Highwood’s mission is to innovate, collaborate, and educate the path to a world with effective and affordable emissions management solutions.

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