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New GPA RSG Proposed Standard

Inside this episode

In this episode, I interview Andrew Parker from SPL-Inc, Director of ESG & General Manager, SPL-Inc.

We discuss:

  • Why GPA Midstream association decided to create an RSG (responsibly sourced gas) standard.
  • What GPA members.
  • How to get more information about the GPA RSG standard at the online summit.
  • How you can get involved with the new GPA RSG standard.

Links in Episode

Andrew Parker

Director of ESG & GM for SPL

Andrew Parker has a PhD in PaleoClimatology. He thought he would become a climate activist. As an intern for Shell, he learned how energy producers are working hard to produce clean energy. That you can be 100% pro-environment and 100% pro-energy. Today, Andrew is the Director of ESG & General Manager for SPL, an end-to-end environmental monitoring & measurement company that serves 1,600 oil & gas operators.

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