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New Emission Regulations in NM and Manchin Bill Impact

Inside this episode

Attention New Mexico Operators

Over a dozen new emission regulations are now in force in NM.  We highlight the changes and what they mean for NM operators. My guest, MaryBeth Clifford (Step2Compliance) will discuss the new NM regulatory updates and the proposed legislation in the Manchin ``Inflation" bill that will impact EVERY US-based operator. In this episode, you'll discover:

- What every NM operator needs to do immediately to comply with the new regulations.

- The proposed changes to EPA Subpart W reporting and what you need to do to save millions in carbon fees.

- New technology to help you comply with both.

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MaryBeth Clifford

MaryBeth transitioned to the energy sector in 2013 from a previous background in education and administration. She has a strong background in project management in areas requiring extreme attention to detail. MaryBeth recently completed a master’s degree in communications with a major in leadership. She is a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and serves as the Compliance Services Manager at step2compliance. Her expertise spans core regulations impacting oil & gas operators and she is a SME for air emissions as well as digital workflow implementation. She works directly with energy companies to identify environmental requirements across the United States and has taken her expertise gained through this interaction with clients to oversee the creation of workflows to manage compliance and reporting requirements within the step2compliance cloud software.

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