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EPA Appendix K – New rules for OGI LDAR surveys

Inside this episode

EPA has released their step-by-step guide on how to conduct a LDAR (leak detection and repair) survey using an OGI (optical gas imaging) camera.  
Most of you have been using OGI cameras for years to do your LDAR surveys.  With Appendix K, the EPA is now very specific on how you conduct your surveys.  
Highlights include:

  • New LDAR operator training requirements.
  • New video management requirements.
  • New survey frequencies (EPA OOOOb/c) – most operators will need to increase their LDAR resources by 2-7x.

More Info

And, in case you haven’t seen my video summary on EPA’s new 0000b/c rules, then visit: and make sure you watch that episode.  It’s the companion to this Appendix K video.

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