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EP68 - EP68 Trailblazers Guide to Industrial IoT

Inside this episode

Can AI and Industrial IoT Transform Your Oil & Gas Company?  

In this episode of Digital Roughnecks, Mark Smith interviews Matt Oberdorfer, the CEO of Embassy of Things (EOT).

We discuss:

  • The impact of AI on the future of oil & gas operations
  • The scalability of humans
  • How EOT helps organizations provide access to IIoT data in a secure manner
  • The two reasons why IIoT projects fail
  • The keys to success in IIoT and AI projects

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Matt Oberdorfer

Founder at Embassy of Things (EOT)

Matt Oberdorfer is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and investor. His new book “The Trailblazer’s Guide to Industrial IoT” is a comprehensive guide It for energy and manufacturing digital transformation leaders that offers expert insights and practical advice on upgrading the OT/IT infrastructure of industrial companies to harness the power of modern AI, ML and analytics for Digital Twins, Industrial Data lake, and cloud historian. Matt has been involved in more than 15 privately held businesses that have been honored with the "Innovation Quotient Award for Information Technology," the "Annual eWeek Excellence Award" winner, and the "Red Herring 100 North America Award." Matt is the founder and CEO of EOT, a leading industrial software company dedicated to helping industrial companies improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. EOT's innovative products and services leverage the latest technologies, including AI and machine learning, to deliver real-time insights and enable data-driven decision-making. EOT's customers, such as BP, and Hilcorp, represent more than $160 billion in revenue, $45 billion in fixed assets, and 60,000 employees. Matt holds five patents and advocates the use of AI to pave the way for smart manufacturing and sustainable energy.

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