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Behind the scenes of ESG for Energy online summit

Inside this episode

If you’re an oil & gas professional who needs to do a live webinar or online summit, then this episode is designed just for you.

The ESG for Energy online summit was held live on March 17, 2022.  In this episode, Mark Smith goes behind the scenes of the conference with the producer, Russ Johns of the Pirate Syndicate.

We show you:

  • The technology platforms we used for the online summit.
  • The steps you need to do to manage a live webinar or online summit.
  • The pros & cons of running your own online event.
  • How you can use the recorded content for ongoing marketing initiatives.

If you’re interested in seeing the replay of the online summit, you can get instant access to all of the content by clicking here:

Links in Episode

Russ Johns

Russ Johns is the Livestreaming Strategy and Production engineers in the oil & gas space. He has done work for many oil & gas media companies, including OGGN.

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