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Announcing New Highwood Emissions Toolkit

Inside this episode

Thomas Fox, PhD from Highwood Emissions Management introduces their new Emissions Toolkit, designed to help operators with their emissions planning & reporting.

The new software includes several features, including:

• Emissions Insights, so you can track and quantify

• Reduction Pathways, so you can build a reduction roadmap

• LDAR-Sim, so you can optimize your monitoring strategy

• Measurement & Reconciliation, so you can validate your emissions

"We created EMT to help oil and gas companies thrive in a confusing and unfamiliar emissions landscape.

This episode is sponsored by:  EPA Cheat Sheet, where we summarize 1,438 pages of new EPA OOOOb/c regulations into a beautiful 16-page free download.

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Thomas Fox, PhD

President at Highwood Emissions Management

I specialize in measurement technologies and leak detection and repair (LDAR). I am familiar with the science, deployment, policy, and logistics of technologies such as optical gas imaging, mobile ground labs, aircraft, and satellites. Understanding the strengths and limitations of each approach, and how they fit together, is crucial for the development and implementation of high-performance, compliant, and cost-effective emissions management.

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