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We Help Oil & Gas Producers
Automate Compliance
and Achieve Autonomous Operations
Using Energy AI

The Clean Connect Platform Has These Features:

AI-based VOC Gas Leak Detection

Every minute, our OGI-camera VOC leak detection system scans the entire pad looking for VOC gas leaks and can quickly identify them.

SCADA Integration

We send your tank-level telemetry data to your SCADA system, so that you get just the alerts you need. 

AI-based Tank-Level Monitoring

Our non-invasive tank-level monitoring helps you meet SB181 (Regulation 7) requirements without opening the thief hatch. 

Let Our AI Do the Work For You

STOP staring at screens!  Let our AI software do the work for you, so you can get back to optimizing your pad operations. 

Watch this video to discover how..

Our Smart Cameras Enable oil & gas companies to 
produce clean energy at a profit

100% Pro energy. 100% pro environment.
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