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Free Webinar For Oil & Gas Operators
How to Automate Regulatory Compliance 
and Eliminate 97% of Your LDAR Truck Rolls
by Harnessing the Power of AI

Mark Fishburn

Global Key Account Manager - Oil & Gas at FLIR Systems

Mark Smith Co-Founder and CTO
What You Will Discover On This Webinar:
The New Air Emission Rules of SB181
Learn the rules of SB181 and why Regulation #7 is an absolute game-changer for operator, regardless of your location
How to Automate Compliance and Reduce Operating Expenses
We show you how you can use cameras + AI software to comply with SB181 and Quad-O regulations that will also lower your operational costs.
How to Setup An Autonomous System That Will Save You Time and Money
We show you the 3 keys for setting up a platform that your internal team can instantly run and works for you 24x7

Your Presenters:

Mark Fishburn

Mark Fishburn
FLIR Global Key Account Manager in the Oil and Gas industry

Mr. Fishburn is the FLIR Global Key Account Manager in the Oil and Gas industry, focused on the various infrared needs of the Big 5, and several key regional accounts. Before this new role, Mr. Fishburn was the FLIR National Sales Manager for the Oil and Gas Detection (Optical Gas Imaging or OGI) team in the USA. He’s led the development of secondary sales markets for OGI, connectivity and IoT projects, and testing of new products/technologies that complement existing products.

Mark Fishburn

Mark Smith
CTO for

Mark Smith has 25 years of experience in technology-focused digital marketing, publishing, and software development. He previously launched Windows NT Magazine, which sold to Penton Media. Mark is the host of Digital Roughnecks, a video-podcast for oil & gas professionals.

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